Good reasons to use Symfony

I’ve been very excited of using Symfony within my projects in the last couple of months. That and Composer are just the best combination to get your applications done in a fast, flexible and decoupled way.

Select Subquery with COUNT() in Doctrine DQL

After a lot of research and reading the documentation I got  my head around to add a subquery into my DQL and return a COUNT() of a related collection.

Restoring MySQL backups that contain views

Whenever you dump databases which contain views or store procedures you might or might not have issues trying to import them back. Usually at the import you can get warnings saying that

Safe passwords in PHP

Security and privacy became the number one words when talking about internet nowadays. And knowing how to build applications that can keep your customers’ data safe is crucial. In this article we

The surprising truth about what motivates us

After watching the video below I had to share it here and say that it actually explains what makes good and bad developers professionals. On my last article I was taking a

A valuable professional

This article is a free discussion about what make developers an asset to their companies and, even more, to themselves. It’s my point of view after 8 years working on the field. Working

Slow performance of Symfony projects on Vagrant

Playing around with Sonata and Sylius on my Vagrant box I found myself waiting 30 seconds to get a response from the server for every single request. After looking up on the

Analyzing and optimizing your website

Searching around I found this tool called PageSpeed Insights which gives you a full overview about how to improve your website. This tool goes beyond just tips such as compressing your JS

The Dark Side of the Cloud

Cloud services have ballooned in recent years, and that growth shows no signs of slowing. But the cloud has had its share of bumps in the road — er, sky. Your ads

PHP Composer

Composer is a tool for managing dependencies in PHP. It allows you to declare through simple notations in a text file which libraries your project needs and automatically installs them for you.

Command Line Interface with PHP

PHP was created primarily to write web applications, but it’s also useful for scripting command line interface (CLI) programs. Command line PHP programs can help you automate common tasks like testing, deployment,

Vagrant: Failed to mount folders in Linux guest

I came across to a few issues related with mounting shared folders on Vagrant. Whenever I was trying to load the machine “vagrant up” I was getting the errors below: Your ads

Connecting to Mysql inside Vagrant

Hi All. Today I had to access my MySQL Server that is running inside a vagrant virtual box. After a little research I found the best way to do so. Your ads

Giving heads up

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here. Sorry for that. The fact is, I’ve been working with Symfony for the last weeks and I have to say that

Orders missing from Reports > Sales > Orders

Hi you all. Working on Magento other day I came across to an interesting issue. For some reason when I was trying to get some order’s reports at Reports > Sales >