This article is a free discussion about what make developers an asset to their companies and, even more, to themselves.

It’s my point of view after 8 years working on the field. Working with me all kind of people and taking with me good and bad experiences.

That said, if you either agree or not, please make your comment but take easy mate.

What you want


More important than why people get their hands dirty coding, we should really ask why they keep doing that instead get a real job. The answer should be because they love what they do. Should be. In reality it doesn’t happen all the  time.

Programming offers many times good environment, nice people, flexible work hours and a good payslip on the top of all. Even if someone does not enjoy the coding life style, it would be a stupid move to  leave all these benefits, and the coffee machine, to adventure yourself into something else less pay and, maybe, much more work.

I’ve actually seen along my career  “developers” hiding behind they desks and pretending  they are working. Moreover, don’t having fucking idea what the hell they’re doing.

How do they get way with that?

Many times the manager, the PM, the owner knows even less than the developer itself. Which makes really hard to keep track of what they’re doing, the right amount of time they’re taking to finish a task and the quality of code they’re generating.

Of course, code doesn’t grow out of the keyboard. Saint Stackoverflow and Mr. Google, who are out there to help any and everyone with a browser and a deadline.

StackOverflow has a very good response time, mainly when you know how to ask it. And most cases your question has already been asked and answered by someone else.

And that is also explains why so many people claim there are seniors. I’m not adding links here. However, if you take a quick look at LinkedIn’s profiles you won’t have much troubles to find the “Senior Developers” who have 6 to 12 months of experience.   O.o

Keep up with the Kardashians

My point in this article is not split developers apart into good and bad ones. IT is a dynamic area and full-on sometimes to keep up with.

Every single day new technologies are released. They can be operational systems, programming tools, articles, languages, methodologies, books and the list goes on and on.

Unless you have no life and by that I mean friends (not the ones you play online with) or a girlfriend (this one does not count). It’s a fact you will not be aware of all new social-whatever-shit-website-app released yesterday|today|tomorrow.



I’ve decided a few years ago don’t get too anxious and excited about everything out there. I’m sure God is not extending my lifespan just for the sake of finishing the reading of Java SE8.

It’s humanly impossible to read all the books we should or want to. Buy all the new smartphones we need (TV said so). Learn all the programming languages. Attend all the conferences we get invited to.

On the best case scenario, if you try to do so, you will end up stressed, tired and depressed. Instead, you could to give up everything and pick what you really enjoy. Quality over quantity.

Make some goals, real ones, can be the best and even more important healthier decision for us.

Learn one design pattern every month. Pick one language and understand it well, taking your time (not too slow, though. I’ve said this whole shit goes fast). I wrote about setting goals here.

You enjoy Front-end: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, JQuery are going to keep you busy enough. More into Back-end? PHP, Python, C, .Net, JAVA, Ruby. Each of them are a whole world to be explored and maybe you will never go through all they have to offer.


Wrap up

There is no fucking wrap up. The variables of the game change all the time. There is no 5 magic steps book to become a super developer (Actually, there are. And get away from them). But then, what is going to make you a great developer or either increase your payslip?

Nothing. Just do what the you love and enjoy and hopefully you will also get paid for it.

I feel really sorry when I see a developer doing something they don’t enjoy for they whole life. I’ve been into this trap myself. Having no reason to get up off my beds in the morning. Not feeling exciting about what I was building.

Is what you doing valuable for yourself?

If not. It is really sad.