life goals
life goals

“Life is too short for a bad coffee”. It’s so true that is not even fun. Sometimes we need to make clear what we want from life and, in my case at least, creating goals comes in handy.

It’s quite easy to get stuck in things such as “work to much”, “fuck around too much”, “too much too much”. And, by the time we pay attention, one, two, three years were gone and we still on the same spot.

Also, having too many “goals” can be quite unrealistic. That said,  I’ve created this page with those things in mind: keep focus, simple and have a “kinda” control over things.

I’m not fool and don’t want a predictable life either. So, things might (hopefully) change in the long run.



  • My biggest accomplishment in life will be the day I memorize Cuban Pete’s lyrics;
  • Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with my family. Very unlikely at the moment =(
  • Do a big trip around Europe in 2014 (Done!!);
  • Go to Brazil for the world cup (Done!!);
  • Visit Tasmania and Alice Springs; (Awesome places, you should visit!)
  • See an André Rieu’s concert; (This one failed, tickets too expensive)
  • Starting a gym routine (muscles man, muscles); I changed my mind. I’m running and cycling now;
  • Save some money. Very unlikely at the moment =(
  • Read more non-technical books;
  • Learn magic tricks.


  • This list here is endless, damn it! But, basically:
    • Developer mobile apps. (I’ve already started. Check out;
    • Become a ZCE certified;
    • Unit tests. It’s a must these days;
    • Make my pdf component; (There are good ones out there already)
    • Keeping writing on my blog (maybe fame and fortune come through one day);
    • Get started with Continuous Development;
    • Start using Vagrant;
    • Get certified in Magento; Here it is!
    • Make my grid component; (You can check it out here)

Also, check my list of favorites development websites here.

Well, this page here is more for me than anyone else. Cheers!